Saturday, December 15, 2012

So, what's the point?

The procurement, production, use and maintenance of stone tools is largely affected by distance to source, projected needs, raw material quality and the duration and intensity of site occupation.

Wow...ok that's quite the sentence.  This blog will attempt to realize this sentence by creating my own experience with stone tool manufacture and use.  Hopefully we'll all gain a little insight through the project- things like to when to make formal vs. informal tools, what worked for me and what was a waste of time.

I have two goals in mind for this blog

1. Personally I'd like to see how I fit into a life of stone tool manufacture, use and much stone waste do I create in a month? what do the attributes of my assemblage look like?  There will be certain caveats to discuss, part of that being the point of this whole gig.

2. To create a resource for others interested in traditional lifeways.  The blog will have info about mishaps, success, epic fails and step by step DIY bits.

Here's to a month of stone tool use! don't worry, the blog will keep going after that.

ps- I'll still use a fork to eat

pps- in a zombie apocalypse stone is free and arrows are quiet :)

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