Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wanna win a spacedagger?

Hey everyone!

I thought it'd be fun to have a giveaway now and then to keep things interactive.  The things will be pretty random, some stuff from practice, fails and wins.  So for the first one I'll be sending out this obsidian knife.  I was practicing different platform strategies and thin overpass flaking.  A few flakes did what I wanted, not all by any means.  I played with end thinning the biface early in the process to embed a little more practice in that arena.  I'll use the knife for an upcoming meat-centric blog post to see how the thing works then send it off the the lucky winner!

Basal thinning flake success
Mid-stage biface for the knife
Send me a name, made up or real, in the comments section for entry into the drawing and my dog Fiki will officiate the selection in an objective manner.  She has recently realized that her fundamental postmodernism has created a feedback loop in her theoretical paradigm and has begun looking into processual-plus.  At least this way you have a chance of obtaining a tangible item rather than a reflection of yourself in it.  It's a realization that she has been struggling with for a little while and frankly it's become something of an issue around the house. 

The obsidian blade is hafted with pine pitch glue and sinew to a polished antler handle.  The thing should be fun to use in the upcoming "Cut and Cook = Steaksplosion " event in the neighborhood.  If you live in the area come by for food fire and friends. 
Here's the result of parallel flaking attempt #1, needs a little help

Finished knife

No, you're exactly right, that is the power of the universe that you're seeing

Fiks will be drawing the name one week from now so get your name in the hat!

Turns out that flashlights make obsidian knives look epic.  Wanna win a Spacedagger? send me a name! 

 Cheers and good luck


  1. Space dagger for Dr Shillito/Mrs Roberts! Maybe I can do some residue analysis and try and identify your meat product :)

  2. Danny this is whole blog is amazing. And I certainly want in that hat!

  3. Count me in, I'll need a way to shank someone if I'm ever teleported back into the Paleolithic. Happens more than you think.

  4. Tell me about it, folks just don't understand the inconvenience of spontaneous temporal displacement

  5. Danny, if the drawing is still on, I want in. That's supersweet!

  6. Space daggers for everyone!
    Ethan Swift